Why do retail workers need a bill of rights?

Because if you want to work full-time, you should be able to

Because your career should have a future

Because raising the minimum wage just isn't enough

Because families need schedules they can depend on

San Francisco's retail industry has a problem.

Workers in highly profitable chain stores and fast food restaurants in our city are struggling to get by, and raising the minimum wage just isn’t enough.

Most retail employees aren’t living paycheck to paycheck, they’re living hour to hour, thanks to industry practices that grant too few hours on too short notice and require workers to be at the beck and call of their employer.

We’re calling on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to pass the Retail Workers Bill of Rights to ensure more workers in our city have stable jobs with enough hours to make ends meet.

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Introducing the Retail Workers Bill of Rights


Full-Time Hours

Retail store, restaurant, and bank workers have the right to be offered more hours before an employer may hire additional part-time workers.

On-Call Pay

Retail store, restaurant and bank workers have the right to a premium pay if they are required to be “on-call” for a shift or their shift is canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Equal Treatment for Part-Time Workers

Part-time retail store, restaurant and bank workers have the right to equal treatment by their employer with respect to their rate of pay, access to time off, or opportunities for promotion.

Job Security

Retail store, restaurant, and bank workers have the right to keep their job for at least 90 days if their company is bought or sold.

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